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Advent Reflections...

The carol, 'Away In A Manger' brings me closer than most musical offerings to the meaning of Christmas. Why else should we observe this ancient tradition other than to remind ourselves and our neighbors why we are love...and the easiest thing to love unconditionally is a baby in a manger!

Love has been bestowed on us in endless supply to be given and received freely and when we exchange with full meaning and intent, it's the BEST!!

I have recently begun a new chapter of my life in a small village in Niedersachsen, Germany and last night we attended the local church Christmas concert and enjoyed the offerings of all three a capella choirs. With less than 300 residents this small hamlet in Kreis Nordheim has a female choir of 25, a male choir of 15 and a children's choir of 10 all lead by a choir director (also the organist) who was celebrating 50 years of service. The concert was followed by a get together in the village hall with a feast for Kings, beer or glühwein and lots of good cheer! They've got something right in this neck of the woods. A simple life yet full of conviction whatever they believe in. A year ago the village welcomed a displaced Ukrainian family and this year the eldest son (already fluent in German) sang in the children's choir with a permanent smile while his two month old baby brother lay cradled in his mother's arms in the pews, and surrounded by local friends, content and unaware of all the family has endured.

Speaking of pews...they are heated, like car seats! I walked out of this otherwise unheated chapel laughing with cousin about having a burning behind and a cold red nose, lol!!

If you can do one positive thing this Christmas for a person in need, what would it be and for whom?

It's an important consideration that is only pure and true when it is wholly done for someone else. No hidden agenda, no yield for you and done without gratification or self gratification. In this day, that isn't a necessarily a 'given'...

Advent is one of the two most relfective seasons of the year (Lent being the other), so my intention is to continue with this rumination next week!

H x

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