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News and Events


Dear Listeners and Friends! There is quite a number of "News" things- mostly life changes and you can read more about those in my Ruminations Blog,

Inspiration is manifesting musically in many different ways... sketches for piano, vocal, instrumental, choral and orchestral pieces are emerging from the canvas! The most recent of which have been a series of singles which you can find on my Music page ($1 downloads!).

I invite you to sign-up for my newsletter and be the first to hear about 2024-2025 concert dates and all updates on the music front. 

Follow me (Heidi Breyer) on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon. My streaming stats are embarrassingly low (Oh!) (that rhymes!) and SO, (lol!)  while you're writing your next letter to a friend, or sitting by the fire, or planning your next Heidi Breyer house concert (hint)... I invite you to put your Heidi Breyer playlist on repeat!!! 

Wishing you and your loved ones the very best in Health and Happiness. 



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