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Origin: United Kingdom/lives in US

Genre: Classical

Years Active: 2009 - Present

Label: Winterhall Records

Official Websites: HeidiBreyer.com

Short Bio

Heidi Breyer is an award-winning contemporary classical composer, educated in London, UK at Trinity College of Music. Having released 5 prior albums, her 6th release reveals yet another dimension through her modern romantic treatment of the traditional Latin Requiem Mass. 

Breyer composed the work over a period of a decade while releasing her other collections and in 2020 despite the pandemic, undertook the complexities of recording the large-scale work one musician at a time. Every vocal and instrumental line was recorded remotely under the direction of a production team headed up by Grammy Winning Producer-Engineer Corin Nelsen and Grammy Winner Eugene Friesen. They worked meticulously for a year to realize Breyer’s vision. The result is a stunning piece of immersive listening which Heidi believes is a much needed salve, aimed to sooth and revive during these tumultuous times.

Heidi lives with her husband, pre-eminent realist oil-painter Alexander Volkov, their golden retriever, Percy and they have 5 grown children. 


Awards - Acknowledgements

  • 2010 Winner ZMR Best Instrumental Piano Album -  Another Place and Time

  • 2010 Winner ZMR Best New Artist - Another Place and Time

  • 2011 Nomination for ZMR Best Holiday Album- Winter Light

  • 2012 Winner ZMR Best Instrumental Album - Beyond The Turning

  • 2013 Pieces on Grammy Nominated Spoken Word Album-  Pete Seeger: The Storm King

  • 2015 Nomination for ZMR Best Piano Instrumental Album - Letters From Far Away

  • 2018 Winner of ZMR Best Piano w/Instrumentation Album - Moonlight In Empty Rooms

  • 2018 Nomination IMA awards Contemporary Classical Album - Moonlight In Empty Rooms

  • 2019 Winner OWM Best Piano w/Instrumentation - Moonlight In Empty Rooms

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Tour ~ Performances

July 21st, 2022: 8:00 pm, Stern Auditorium, CARNEGIE HALL, NYC, NY - LIVE PREMIERE of Amor Aeternus: A Requiem for the Common Man with full orchestra and choir. Tickets are on sale now Use these PROMO CODES below when you buy your ticket online:

REQ38166 for Seniors and Students
REQ38167 for Teachers, Medical Professionals, and Veterans

REQ38168 for Musicians


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