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2024 New Chapter

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Amor Aeternus: A Requiem for the Common Man

A mesmerizing Contemporary Classical treatment of the Traditional Requiem Mass relatable to our time with all the grace and depth of ancient sacred text.

"This masterpiece is surprisingly Breyer's first large-scale choral work. It's powerful, musical and brilliantly composed, performed and produced." Tiina Kiik - The Whole Note Magazine.

"A pilgrimage through majestic monuments and the most intimate corners of any musical experience. Her composition is world class and her ability to express emotion through music is at the highest level of artist brilliance..." Corin Nelsen.


"...In the face of recent adversity, we have witnessed the grit, deep faith, and moral fiber of the everyday person. Common people worldwide have reinvented themselves and risen to the challenge of unimaginable circumstances, when systems and resources have failed them. It is my belief that we are experiencing the evolution of mankind where 

intuition refines our logic and reason". Everyday people are the unsung heroes upon whose backs our world often now depends. It is for them I have composed this Requiem". Heidi Breyer


  • Composed By: Heidi Breyer

  • Sacred Text Setting By: Heidi Breyer

  • Produced By: Corin Nelsen with Heidi Breyer, Eugene Friesen

  • Engineered By: Corin Nelsen

  • Solos By: Heidi Breyer, Elizabeth Rogers, Barbara Hill, Nathan Halbur, Charlie Bisharat, Jill Haley

  • Strings and Chorus: Subsets of Boston World Strings and Chorus For The Common Man.

  • Recently performed with original recording cast (and more) at Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium/Perelman Stage.

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