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Beginning Again

Six months ago today I set out (at the ripening age of 55) on a spiritual and musical quest to find the fullness of my potential and the reason for my being...this time around. Here's what I have discovered so far: There is more for me to do (go figure), more music to write and to share and more amazing people to meet. Having spent these last months hammering down the tent pegs of a new abode I'm sitting back and observing how thin the layers have become between me and the world. We really are all very similar, all One.

I realized there is no need to flee all the way to India or to the solitude of a Buddhist Monastery, the journey is inward no matter where you are and so I find myself putting a stake in the ground in the middle of Europe.

Here in Germany my music is already beginning to serve as a bridge between limited language skills and the mother-tongue. I have witnessed the transformation in peoples faces as I play for them without a spoken word and see them light up with an immediate and an exponentially deeper understanding of who I am, because it reminds them of who THEY are. This experience of reaching people with 'familiarity' has led to the forming of a broad mission :

To provide the listener with a musical experience that serves as a momentary antidote to a demanding time and that is so emotionally and spiritually immersive that they leave feeling revived and reconnected with their own truth.

Through these thoughts I have also realized the colossal onus on musicians in our current times. The universal language of Music in all its forms can usher in peace and thwart a war, uniting people instead of alienating. Listen-up Musicians everywhere...the moment is truly upon us!

With this inspired duty I have joined two choirs, I'm taking voice classes to add another string to my bow (pardon the pun), I'm playing my first little festival (solo piano) on a lake in Bad Gandesheim in June and giving two house concerts in July. I will play for you anywhere and on any piano or keyboard (a big shift for me) and of course when I have details of a larger concert(s) I will let everyone know. In addition, I'm pushing through a hang-up of not being able to post videos of my playing on-line. Instagram is going to be a big focus for this break through so please consider checking out my posts and following or sharing... I need all the encouragement I can get!!!

Sending Love into the World. H xxx

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